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A limited run of approximately 300 standard CDs with a non-standard analogue groove embossed on the bottom polycarbonate layer. This does not interfere with the aluminum layer nor the CD player’s laser ability to read the digital information.

Includes a special tapered ‘donut’ to be used for playing on a record player. Hand numbered digipak in a poly-bag.

Each CD’s analogue track ends in a unique locked groove.


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Weight 3 oz

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  1. dungeonstudio (verified owner)

    Very reminiscent of Co-Kla-Coma works using found loops in a fun and nutty way. Don’t think there’s any ‘subliminal’ audio embedded on the tracks, though I do have a strong craving for eclairs and dutchies now. LOL The CD is nicely packaged, though I was hoping to get the cute little mouse thingy shown in the pics here. But alas it’s just the plastic washer on it’s head that’s incl. Don’t have a turntable to try the analog track on, but hopefully one of these days…? A prized addition to my collection from the masters of sonic mayhem – Severed Heads.

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